peer reviewed articles

“Moving Hearts: Cultivating Patriotic Affect in Rousseau’s Considerations on the Government of Poland,” Law, Culture and the Humanities, forthcoming. First published online on June 25, 2016. DOI:10.1177/1743872116656112

“Fear, Liberty, and Honourable Death in Montesquieu’s Persian Letters,” Eighteenth-Century Fiction 28.4 (2016): 623-644.

book reviews

Sandrine Bergès and Alan Coffee, eds., The Social and Political Philosophy of Mary Wollstonecraft, in Political Theory (Oxford University Press), forthcoming.

Sandrine Bergès and Alberto L. Siani, eds., Women Philosophers on Autonomy: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (Routledge), in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, forthcoming.

Jill Locke, Democracy and the Death of Shame: Political Equality and Social Disturbance (Cambridge University Press), in Politics & Gender 14.3 (2018), forthcoming. 

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Review essay, “Rule and Resistance: Theorizing the Female Sovereign in Sixteenth-Century Europe,” a review of Susan Doran, Mary, Queen of Scots: An Illustrated Life (British Library Publishing); Louis Montrose, The Subject of Elizabeth: Authority, Gender, and Representation (University of Chicago Press); and Kristen Post Walton, Catholic Queen, Protestant Patriarchy: Mary Queen of Scots and the Politics of Gender and Religion (Palgrave Macmillan), in Comitatus 39 (2008): 219-224.

Judith M. Bennett, History Matters: Patriarchy and the Challenge of Feminism (University of Pennsylvania Press), in Comitatus 38 (2007): 187-190. 

shorter pieces

“Agency and Anxiety: On Marie-Hélène Huet’s The Culture of Disaster,” The 18th-Century Common, October 9, 2014

“‘An Unknown Arc into the Future’: An Interview with Daniel Lewis, Curator of ‘Beautiful Science: Ideas that Changed the World’ at the Huntington Library,” The 18th-Century Common, September 28, 2013